Self-taught artist, Maxime stems from a lineage of draftsmen and painters whose activities
          extend from the 18th century to our time. In his childhood, art was not emphasised at home.
          However, Seeing canvas and drawings at grandparents’ and cousins’ aroused curiousity and
          fascination in his mind and, little by little, a questioning for the nature of the image, for how it is able
          to extract things out of time. He got his first reflex camera at the age of 21.

          From then on he has been relentlessly capturing and collecting images in order to express his emotions
          and his aesthetic inspirations. He is enthusiastic about the process in which both the eye and
          the aim of the photographer go up against the image rendering of the photographic medium,
          and, also as important, how the photographer can learn from this confrontation.

          His practice was at first dedicated to analog black and white photography. In 2007, looking for
          new means of expression, he discovered the numerous creative possibilities offered by instant film.
          In the one hand, they give him the choice to have a more intuitive practice, while being seduced
          by the element of surprise in instant film, that is to say : how unpredictably they somehow
          give birth to pictures. Moreover, photographing with minimalist cameras allows him to use them
          one-hundred percent and to focus on creativity.
          On the other hand, he reveals several ways in his work using and adapting different methods
          of physical manipulation on images. These arts-and-crafts techniques mainly involve
          dry and wet instant image transfers and mixed media additions.

           Maxime organizes personal exhibitions, participates in collective exhibitions,
           and has been running workshops for three years.
           He lives in France, near Lyon.